Sweep Stake
It's tough at the bottom.

Sweep Stake

Esme is a cleaner at castle Shotrocity. It's a tough life at the bottom, forced by a cruel Matron to work on gory cleanup duties. But there might be a way up.

A short film set in the Shotrocity Cinematic Universe. Out for film festival consumption.

Starring Lauren Wilson and Bess Brookes.

Sweep Stake Playlog

šŸ‘€ Selection Candidate for the Fortean Film Festival, UK, March 2024
šŸ“½ļø Screened at the Phantastische Trashfilm Festival in Kassel, Germany, 9-11 May 2024
šŸ‘€ Selection Candidate at the Your Way International Film Festival, Malta, 7 July 2024.
šŸ“½ļø Screened at the Grossmann 20th Fantasy Wine and Film Festival, Ljutomer, Slovenia, 11-15 June 2024.

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