Web Development

It’s all to common to hear stories of websites being custom coded, costing thousands, and locking a customer in to one developer. We believe in rapid development using off-the-shelf, reliable, industry standard components, which are always mobile-friendly, and have settled on WordPress as our default CMS (content management system).

By selecting WordPress as a base, it enables us move quickly on from configuring the underlying platform to focus on the business requirements and rapidly deploy.


Just a cartoon? It’s a very long path from concept to finished animation.

• Concept development
• Script coverage
• Storyboard
• Animatic
• Animation
• Titling and credits
• Sound, music, audio

We are AWARD WINNING animators!

See the Animation page for more details.


We are video capable where geographically close, and can get involved with throwing up video titling, text and overlays.

We use Adobe Creative Cloud.

For examples please visit the Video page.

Art and graphics

We bring together a variety of skilled artists and graphic designers, capable of bringing you art from simple yet elegant titles, to character, scene and prop art assets suitable for animation production.

Visit our Art & Graphics page for examples.


Shotrocity is an animated short film of a twisted nature, profiling the early years of novice sadist Jack Marbellous. Winner of two awards, it will make you wonder, WHY??

Visit the Shotrocity page for synopsis, links to the trailer, and the main event.