2023 NZ International Comedy Festival

The 2023 edition of the New Zealand International Comedy Festival entertained us with a huge number of acts, over 600 performances and 70,000 attendees. I had the privilege of live recording some of those shows on behalf of the performers.

Brendon Green

I'm Happy You're Here

20/05/2023 at the Classic Studio. Brendon's set was nominated for the 2023 Fred award.

Brendon is on Instagram at @brendongreen and https://taplink.cc/brendongreen

Sri Nair

Upside Down

27/05/2023 at the Q Cellar

Sri is on Instagram at @srinaircomedian and Facebook

We also had a blast making a 15 second promo video for Sri's act:

Jamaine Ross

Vaguely Familiar

27/05/2023 at the Q Cellar. Jamaine's set was nominated for the 2023 Fred award.

Jamaine is on Instagram @jamaine_ross

Weird, Dark and Scandalous

A triple act with Scott Bennett as MC. Filmed 26/05/2023 at the Classic Studio. @weirddarkscandalous

Scott Bennett

Scott is on Instagram @extinction_scott

David Stuart

David is on Instagram @thedavidstuart

Aimée Thorne

Aimée is on Instagram @aimee.thorne

Joel Vinsen

Joel is on Instagram @voeljinsen

Images published with permission of the performers.